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Simon’s career in marketing research spans many industry sectors from travel and tourism, local government to transport, professional qualifications and universities. Over the past 20 years his experience has developed significantly to provide quite a niche offering in market research services. He specialises in quantitative research methodology design, engagement, analysis and insights story board reporting, along with extensive qualitative research leading design and facilitations of focus groups across international markets.

Of recent years, Simon has been working for high profile B2B and B2C organisations which in this current economic climate have found marketing research an essential requirement to ensure the business maintains market position, and at the same time looking to identify new opportunities and improve performance through customer satisfaction measurement and Voice of Your Customer pain point/touch point research.

Recent projects include, but not limited to...:

  • Banking and Finance 
  • Global B2B customer satisfaction survey
  • UK non user survey
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Key performance indicator measures
  • Net Promoter Score and value measurement
  • Product pricing

The strategic pricing research was undertaken for a private for profit university institution which directly supported and influenced business decisions for student 2012 fees.

For many years, Simon has also fully designed and managed the following...:

  • User and non user surveys
  • Prospective customer surveys for students
  • Key decision makers and influencers
  • Brand awareness
  • Propensity to purchase
  • Attitudinal opinions towards categories
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) advocacy and loyalty.

Whilst working for a leading global professional qualification provider, Simon initiated a complete redesign of student and member surveys, and the launch of International market salary surveys. He also developed a international business confidence survey for mid-sized firms of management accountants.

During a long career in Market Research he has worked closely with a number of other influential market research practitioners and business people. In two of his roles he was responsible for the setting up of a new corporate research capability, realising significant cost benefits for the business and working with small teams of Market Research Executives.

He is a full user of SNAP Surveys, SPSS Analytics Software.


Simon grew up in the south east of England, relocating to the midlands with his parents and sister in 1981, completing main stream school, college and the beginning his career. His career in market research began in 1995, working for the Heart of England Tourist Board, whilst completing his BA Hons degree part-time at the University West of England.

Simon relocated back to the south east after successful completion of his degree with a 2:2 in Business Studies, (inc tourism and market research) to take up full time employment for a local authority in Kent. In this role, he held responsibility for setting up a research function, and taking full project management responsibility for the authority's research programme; in excess of 40 projects per annum.

After six years in this role, Simon moved to take up a new role as Member Research Executive in London, working for a professional accountancy institute where he developed member market profiling, segmentation analysis, geo-demographical mapping, data interpretations and the first student accountant surveys.

In 2008, Simon moved jobs and took up a role of Market Research Manager for another professional accountancy qualification provider. In this role Simon managed a team of three research executives and a larger global research programme. Improving research protocols, and processes, re-designing and re launching member and student surveys into category specific surveys. Simon also embarked on facilitating brand awareness and identity focus groups in South Africa, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and China, along with launching global student and member salary and quality of life surveys and a Mid Sized Business Confidence Monitor for UK, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

In 2010 Simon took up a new role of Head of Marketing Intelligence, working directly for a private, for profit London university. This was a new role and Simon was responsible for implementing the full spectrum of research activity, processes, standards, and programme of student engagement. In this role he was responsible for designing and implementing high profile new research of student satisfaction, NPS, pricing, brand awareness, campaign effectiveness,  and career guidance.

In 2011 Simon became freelance, securing his first contract with another London university. Since then Simon has been successful in acquiring new contracts covering retail, media, government, and tourism sectors. In 2013 Simon's wife Gillian was promoted in her role for a leading Canadian Oil exploration firm which meant an international move across to Calgary. It is here where Simon continues his research activity, searching new clients through extensive networking and meeting new clients. Working in the UK and Canada is a dimension of business he never thought he'd experience.

Simon is married to Gillian and has daughter, born 2012. Much of their leisure time is spent as a family, seeing friends and family, gardening, and other leisure pursuits including photography, going to the cinema, music, food and drink and traveling and exploring the beauty of Alberta, Canada.

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